• $25.00 CDN each

Unfortunately the police gets a bad rap.  You rarely hear about the stories in the media concerning all the good things they do, daily.  Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns branding executives have enjoyed the interest of the police when they are working at different spots in the G.T.A.. We have heard that police will pull over just to inquire what our initiative is all about. Some have provided their contact information and even some have bought our items.  The interesting observation is that these purchases were made well before a lot of clarity was provided as the founder was still studying and planning how to make the best impact when the time came to execute this proactive initiative. The time to act is on the horizon.  Now it is very clear how this problem will be approached and as a result, there has been noticeable increase in sales.

It was over overdue to make our stand to make it very clear that not every police officer should be distrusted and disrespected. Police are people too and that means unfortunately there are good ones and bad ones. Let’s exercise common sense. Visit the main Facebook page: www.facebook.com/silencetheviolenceandshuntheguns/ or the Canadian Facebook page: www.facebook.com/silencetheviolenceandshunthegunscanada/ to see the entire line of items.